Hello and welcome to our own little chunk of the web. Cwnhelabach translated from the Welsh means Little Hunting Dogs, this is is our Kennel Club Affix. If things go right for us we will be looking at a litter of pups from our Llynos born this Springtime.

   Having the ability to hunt and find game is the reason for the existence of the Working Cocker Spaniel.Tegwyn, Llynos, Celyn and Young Siwann These little dogs with correct field training are in my opinion the best game finding and retrieving machines you could wish for but I am heavily biased being owned by four of them. In the photo on the left we have Tegwyn, Llynos, Celyn and young Siwann, a chocolate daughter of our Celyn.

   Since her pups will go to preferably working homes they will be legally docked, dew clawed and of course microchipped.

   She has a total hip score of eleven. Showing current clear results in both the PRA and Gonioscopy B.V.A. eye tests. In her DNA tests she has a clear resuls in A.M.S., F.N., prcd/PRA and E.I.C.

Llynos has won awards in tests and has been part of a Gundog display team. When the birds are out of the pens most early mornings and evenings she has been taken dogging in on a local shoot. She loves this work and in the shooting season has been taken out beating. She has a very strong work ethic.

FTCH Heolybwlch Denman

   Llynos whelped on the first of May. We have used the services of Gareth Davies stud dog Darren, his posh name is FTCH Heolybwlch Denman. That's him on the left. Darren came second in this years Cocker Championships.

He has current clear results in both the PRA and Gonioscopy B.V.A. eye tests. In his DNA tests he has clears in prcd/P.R.A., A.M.S and F.N.

This means that the pups will be genetically clear of A.M.S., F.N. and prcd/P.R.A.

Since this is our first mating with Llynos we are unsure of colours. Mostly black pups with the chance of a chocolate or two are expected.